a family tradition

Farm fresh produce has been a way of life for as long as Chris King can remember.....

​As a young boy, growing up on a farm near Parkesburg, PA, Chris and his family grew an acre or two of sweet corn each summer. They would pick fresh corn each morning, and he and his brothers and sisters would sit by the roadside and sell it to passersby.

This summertime tradition continued for most of Chris’ childhood years and eventually with his own wife and children. As customers returned year after year to buy sweet corn, they began to ask for tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon. As the demand for sweet corn increased, the produce operation expanded to include not only more corn, but also many of the additional items that customers requested. Despite the increase in size and volume of their operation, the King family continued to hand pick the corn and produce fresh each day.

Modern technology gave produce farmers a boost with many new varieties and hybrids that were being introduced. Chris enjoyed offering new and better flavors and varieties to his customers each year, yet continued to grow the “tried and true” varieties that had been favorites for many years.

The King family’s commitment to provide their customers with the highest quality produce continues here in Kennett Square.

If you stop in during the months of July and August, don’t go home without a dozen ears of fresh picked sweet corn!